What happens when a hobby turns into madness?

A company is born!

Where did we come from…

It all started out rather simple.  As a kid Halloween was a way to escape who you were and to be whoever you wanted to be even if only for a night.  Some took pleasure in being scary while others imitated their favorite heroes.  It was also a time for movies about things that went bump in the night.

Later as you get older and buy your first home you remember the childhood excitement you had going from house to house and you want to make sure that the children today are able to enjoy the same.  It then starts by buying those one or two initial items for your front yard so the neighborhood knows to stop by and say those magic words.

That of course it not enough and the event slowly turns into a small hobby.  But then as the passion grows you add to your collection each year making it more and more spectacular.  You eventually reach the point where standard store bought items just wont do and your obsession drives you to start designing and building your own props or even buying them from haunted house suppliers.  As the madness continues your garage is now full and you end renting storage units to hold your creations.  During the Halloween season your front yard now ends up taking multiple people several days to set up and consists of a small fortune intertwined with wires and pneumatic air lines.  At this point you even have professional level lighting and sound effects.

You slowly start to realize the original mission is no longer the same.  What once started out as bringing joy to the children in your neighborhood has turned into a desire to scare them to the point of soiling themselves.  You of course take pride in this new mission and work even harder to achieve it.

Then one day your neighbor says “you should channel all this ability, time, and money into something that can make a profit”.  At this point the seed was planted and slowly a company was born.  Welcome to Underworld Solutions LLC!

What do we do…

Of course at this point you think we are focused in the Halloween industry.  While this is true we are venturing out a little bit into a related industry.  In time all will be revealed.